Election Result – Thanks

I would like to sincerely thank the voters of Ottawa Centre who saw fit to cast their ballot in support of my candidacy.  I know that I was not offering an especially “retail friendly” set of policy ideas designed to curry favor with potential voters.  I did this quite consciously because I believed at the beginning of the campaign, as I do now at the end, that the only way to get real, meaningful change for ordinary citizens is to make structural changes to the way our governance and economic decision-making system is set up.  These ideas constitute, admittedly, a significant change to our current system and are not yet widely known or understood.  They are part of an approach that seeks to put citizens, the public interest and the natural eco-system first, instead of the interests of corporations, investors and global financial concerns.  However, I accept that the verdict and judgement of voters is always correct and I wish our newly re-elected MP, Catherine McKenna, the very best as she resumes her duties.  I would also like to thank the other candidates in this election who fought the campaign with enthusiasm, integrity and civility.

(In a subsequent post, I will expand in more detail on what I believe last night’s election results tell us about our likely political and economic fortunes going forward.)

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