Video – The case for Citizens’ Assemblies


The case for Citizens’ Assemblies is compelling in my view.  Canada is basically functioning with 19th Century representational political structures that are no longer adequate against the backdrop of a highly informed citizenry in a digital age.  Enhanced information flows and the ability of citizens to grapple with most issues now renders the current system antiquated at best.  Our leaders know this but instead of bringing us inside the tent, they bring members of the global financial elite into the inner councils of government, accentuating the gap between ordinary folks and those with access to pools of capital or privy to insider expertise.  I strongly encourage electors/readers to take a look at the following case for Citizens’ Assemblies made by the Belgian thinker David van Reybrouck here: Citizens’ Assemblies

If you elect me as your Member of Parliament this will be one of the very first things I establish in Ottawa Centre.

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