Campaign Volunteers and Donations

I am exceptionally grateful to those of you who have contributed to my electoral bid so far.  Your support means a great deal to me personally but, more than this, by your gesture you are affirming your belief in a set of ideas and convictions about how Canadian politics and society must be oriented going forward.  Those ideas are based on a set of fundamental, systemic changes that are necessary if we are to return the public interest to a position of centrality in the halls of power in Ottawa once again.

I am printing my leaflets on recycled paper and have abstained so far from entering the sign war in the hope that the voters of Ottawa Centre will be persuaded more by ideas and convictions than by sheer visibility at intersections.

On a practical level, financial contributions in the form of a cheque should be made out to:

“Peter Halpenny Official Agent for Chris Jones”

Cheques should be mailed to:

Peter Halpenny

614 Windermere Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario

K2A 2W6

You will be provided with the appropriate income tax receipt afterward.

At the moment I am wearing out my own shoe leather in dropping leaflets in mailboxes across the riding.  I enjoy the exercise and the weather this week has been glorious but it would be great if I could share this task with a few other folks!




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